Yellow Patch

You might be wondering why the Title of this post is “Yellow Patch” well it indicates that i am officially an 8th Grader! but yellow is not just the color of our Patches, there are Green, Red, and Blue. Image


Today was the first day of school.We did the usual Welcoming Ceremony for the incoming 7th graders. They had to walk up the stage and selected students had to attach their necktie. This symbolizes The changes of the past school year. For example, from ribbons it is now neckties. And it also means  hat they surpassed the challenges in Grade school and are now Finally in High School. It was humiliating since i came in late. all eyes were on us when we came in! now that i’m an 8th grader, I should be a good example to my younger fellow Theresians but this morning was just hectic! First day of school was Great! I got to meet my new Teachers and Old my Classmates. The best part was when i was with my friends! i felt so comforted and and glad. We cracked some jokes and shared some experiences last Summer.Seeing everyone today was a pleasure, But seeing my Alma Mater, St. Theresa’s College Quezon City was so pleasing to my eyes! (picture of the High school department. Credits to Tin Villaceran)Image

Virtute,Scientia,Artibus,Floreat. HAIL,HAIL, TO THEE!


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